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Chance relies on the support of donors and volunteers to achieve our mission. Without the support of the community we would not be able to do what we do. If financial support is not something you can offer right now, you can still help by assisting with resume reviews, volunteering when available to assist in application review, appointment scheduling, or making calls on behalf of  our clients to give them chances that they might not otherwise.

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Who is eligible to receive support services from Chance?

Anyone who has recently been released from local jail, state or federal prison and looking for a second chance can apply for Chance support services.

Does Chance have any services that can support those currently going through justice system?

Unfortunately, our current services do offer support for those with open cases in the justice system. This does not include those in parole or probation as they would qualify for our services.

What type of services does Chance offer?

Chance offers housing, financial, employment, and mentoring support. We can also provide you with our network of resources for food and medical assistance.

Is there a limit on how long I can receive support services from Chance?

In an effort to service as many as we can we limit our financial and housing assistance to two years but will never stop supporting anyone in need.

Legal Representation

Chance provides free legal representation to all its clients and represents individuals across the United States and Canada. Our legal team is comprised of the most skilled post-conviction attorneys in the country. They provide our clients with the best possible representation at post-conviction habeas trials or at retrials.

Post-Release Support

Upon their release, Chance provides our clients with financial support as needed, and connects them to services in their local communities that can help them secure jobs, housing, and medical and psychological care. We also link the newly released with our family of freed clients for mentorship and support.

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